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Venue Technical Notes

Grand Total: 1680
(Grand Total w/out floor seating: 1536)
Floor (temporary seating): 144
Orchestra Level: 580
Lower Balcony: 631
Upper Balcony: 325

Standard Production Costs
$3,500 for weekday, $4,000 for weekend.


Access to the event space and green room

Staff Included: 2-man stage crew, 1 maintenance, 2 armed security guards, 2 ushers / security

ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC licensing

Tech Notes
Stage drops/curtains: 

• 110-drop locations with a variety of scenic drops. There is a solid gray cyclorama with fold out wings. It also has three curtains, the main, 2nd or Gold and the third or Black.
• Full stage movie projector screen with a 2:1 ratio.
• House sound system: provides a nominal 89 db of sound throughout the Auditorium and is suitable for Voice amplification
• Yamaha M7CL48ES digital mixer with 3 - SB-168ES digital snake
• Crown DSI 1000 Amps
• 22 – Bose MA12EX modular array FOH
• 4 - QSC 18” powered subs
• 24 Shure ULX-PRO Wireless microphones (handheld (SM58) and body-pack with countryman mic)


• Strand lighting dimmer rack with 44-channel analog controller board.
• Dimmer rack accepts DMX512 if you desire to use a digital light controller
• Two 1000w follow spots located in the projector booth.

On Stage power drops:

• One 60 amp three-phase
• Two 100 amp 220 volt
• Four 50 amp 110 volt

Dressing/Green Rooms
• Full make-up and dressing room below the stage with direct back stage access
• 1200 sq ft green room just of off stage right

Floor Plan.jpg
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